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Here's what I'm reading now. Well, not right now, because I'm writing this. Don't be so literal (pun intended). Also, because I know you care about such things, I'm including a parenthetical note about the method of word delivery.

  • The Dark Design - The third installment of Philip José Farmer's Riverworld saga. Riverworld is ridiculously audacious in scope and complexity, and should be on the must-read list of every aficionado of speculative fiction [or, sci-fi geek, if you prefer]. (iBooks edition on iPad)

  • Freddy and Fredericka - I read Mark Helprin's hilariously insightful novel about the future king of England a year ago (read my brief review here). It seemed like a logical choice to accompany the hype surrounding the royal wedding. And it's even better the second time around. (Kindle edition on iPad)

  • Low Country Summer - This is, frankly, a chick-flick novel, authored by Dorothea Benton Frank. I'm reading it because the publisher, HarperCollins, sent me a copy to review. Don't tell anyone, but it's pretty darned good. Watch for a complete review within the next few weeks. (Treeware version)
How can I possibly balance three such disparate tomes, you might ask. It's actually easy, now that I've given up completely on trying to focus or concentrate on any given subject for more than fifteen consecutive minutes. I blame social media, artificial sweeteners, and an increasing awareness of human mortality.

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