WIT & Fire Ant: A Deadly (Non)Serious Combination

Recognize any of these mooks?

Photo of the Murchies and Siegmunds

This is a photo of yours truly and MLB in one of the sumptuous skyboxes at Rockhounds Stadium last Sunday afternoon. Those other starstruck folks are Molly (the pregnant one) and Colin Murchie, whom you've met earlier on these pages

OK, they're not really starstruck; they're dazed by a combination of West Texas heat, stadium hot dogs, and the fact that the Rockhounds actually won a game. Plus, they're astounded at my fabulous fashion sense.

Anyway, Molly and Colin traveled all the way from our nation's Capitol to attend Molly's niece's high school graduation and we were privileged to finally meet them.

If you follow the preceding link, you'll learn that they're members of the Washington Improv Theater (WIT), and the group has once again been successful in this year's edition of the 48 Hour Film Project, winning several awards in the local competition. Here's more information about their film.

But, hey...you've got better things to do than click a buncha links, right? I understand, and for your convenience, I'm giving you the actual movie itself. Don't thank me; it's what I do. Enjoy. And if you're wondering, Molly plays the pregnant woman.

Relative from Tyler Korba on Vimeo.

Colin told me that this film was shot using a digital SLR. Pretty cool, huh? Oh, did I mention that Colin and Mollie have a new dog named Frankie who can do a high five?


I wish I could pull off those shorts. They are awesome.

They are shorts, aren't they? I see no knees.

Tell Debbie that I love her top (since we are talking about fashion and all hehe) :).

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