Q. Are we living in the End Times? A. Yes.

Jim Denison was our guest preacher yesterday. His message centered on the End Times, and he opened it with the question and answer that comprise the title of this post. Simply put, when Jesus Christ conquered death and the grave 2,000 years ago, He fulfilled all the Messianic prophecies.

Every. Last. One. Of. Them. (Yeah, I dislike that twee construct, but sometimes it just works.)

And when He did, that ushered in the End Times...the Countdown to end all countdowns, so to speak. It doesn't matter what your eschatology is, because the ending is certain, and the only thing that should really concern you is whether you're ready for it.

But I'm not here to preach, not today, anyway. I'm here to party, or at least set the mood to celebrate the reality that Good will eventually win out over Evil. Dr. Denison's message brought to mind a musical commentary on the subject. And I've invited my special amigo, Paul Thorn, to offer his special twist on the Big Bang Theory...the real one at the END, not that other fake one. Enjoy, and remember: bottle rockets are two for one, but salvation is free!

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