Illogical Keyage

Has this happened to you? You rent a car and they hand you a set of keys that have the same mass and weight of a bowling ball. There are two identical keys on the ring. That's understandable; what if you lose one? You're still golden, right, because you have a duplicate. Uh, not so fast. That key ring is actually a seamless circle of titanium, designed to thwart any attempts to separate the key siblings. 

Photo of rental car keys
The fact that these keys resemble and work like switchblades
only partially makes up for the illogical assemblage.

Let's recap, shall we? They give you two keys, which can only be used one at a time, but don't allow you to separate them so that one can be a backup. So you have to carry around the equivalent of a dead marmot in your pants pocket just because the car rental company couldn't figure out what to do with the duplicate key.

This situation is sadly being played out across the nation every day and no one seems to be doing anything about it; everyone is content to look the other way, thinking that it will never affect them. Don't say I didn't warn you, the next time you rent that Equinox.

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