Ill Feelings

So, the doctor says I have a "touch" of bronchitis. Sounds so delicate and gentle, doesn't it? That's not really how I'd describe what I felt last night after midnight, when I was still up, coughing. But at least we have something to treat now, instead of the elusive, generic "allergies."

Got a steroid shot, meaning that I've had two shots this week, the other being a flu shot on Wednesday. I can't remember the last time I had an injection...or the last time I was sick enough to require a visit to the doctor. 

I blame it on work. I never caught anything from my computer when I was home with it. On the other hand, at least I can afford a visit to the doctor. Also, today is my day off, giving me plenty of free time to sit in a waiting room. So, I've got that going for me.

On the other other hand, I actually feel pretty good, for a sick person. I have enough friends who are really ill right now that I have no problem keeping things in perspective.


Hope you get better soon Eric! It's not fun being sick!

When we were in for Lee Homecoming weekend, the wife contracted a nasty chest cold ( sinus and chest congestion, low grade fever and productive cough ) that we carried back home to East Texas. The darn stuff persisted from several days before I laid down the mandate to see our Primary Care Physician. I really had concerns that this event would turn into something more than just a chest cold. The doc wrote the wife scripts for azithromycin-pak, a prednisone pak and some heavy duty-long acting cough syrup (Tussionex). I caught a glancing blow from the bug, but it didn't keep me from work. After almost 3 weeks , the wife is better, but still has paroxysm coughing bouts from time to time.

Take Care Eric! Be Well!

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