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Couple of blog-related observations (in lieu of an actual post that might require me to put in some actual thought, although that has never really been a requirement in the past).

I ran a poll on Facebook a few months ago and the respondents indicated that they wanted me to post something on FB whenever a new article went up on the Gazette. I'm not a big fan of cheap self-promotion - I strive for a natural, unaffected obscurity - but who am I to ignore the clear voice of The People? So, I've done that somewhat consistently (not everything gets a promote; this probably won't) and I've noticed something semi-interesting. Some posts on the Gazette generate a fair amount of discussion, but all of that discussion takes place on Facebook where the post was publicized, and not in the comments section of the post itself.

I think it's easier to leave comments on Facebook than on this blog, and comment threads are pushed out to the participants in near real-time, whereas any discussion on the Gazette requires repeat visits. I don't think this is a good or bad thing; it's just different. Not having the discussion thread on the Gazette means that it will probably be forgotten once the post drops "below the fold," but I suppose an archive of blog comments is of limited value or usefulness as well.

It's simply another facet of the uneasy truce between blogging and Facebooking.

Let's see...what was the other thing...? Oh, yeah, now I remember. I just realized that I forgot to update the Gazette's FAQ to reflect my new gig. That's now been rectified, so you may once again rest easy.


I'm going to be a rebel and post here :P. Of course, I have you on RSS anyways :).

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