A Vicarious Ride Across Texas

I can't remember how I came across this blog, descriptively entitled "Southern Tier Bicycle Tour- 2012," but it's one I find myself visiting daily. It's the account of a couple traveling by bike across the US, and while a good number of people do this each year (and blog about it), it's pretty rare that they choose a southerly route that takes them across some of the most desolate parts of Texas.

Beginning with their entry into the Lone Star State from Deming, New Mexico, continuing past Van Horn and around the Davis Mountains, and on into the Hill Country, the couple is documenting their impressions of Texas (and Texans). Their photography is beautiful, capturing not only some of the freedom and adventure (and angst) of unsupported cycling, but also the dramatic range of experiences that we Texans might sometimes take for granted. I recommend it.

You can start here if you like, as they first ease their way into lovely Anthony, Texas. If you read far enough, you'll eventually learn the meaning of "PUDs" (which, for my petroleum engineering friends, isn't what you think).

Their experiences in the Hill Country are especially interesting as they ride over some of the same roads - and make some of the same climbs - Debbie and I have done for years. I never had the forethought (or patience) to stop and take photos, although some of those hills are indelibly etched in my memory.

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Thanks for the lead to this blog. Once I started reading, I couldn't stop until they made it to Comfort. Great photographs, too.

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