Kill 'em and Color 'em

Debbie and I were strategizing the other day about how to incorporate the severe watering restrictions into our lawn care regimen. We're resigned to the fact that the grass will probably die when the heat of the summer hits, but we're not interested in putting in fake turf.

So, I was opining that we should just go ahead and bite the bullet and apply Roundup™ to the grass and get on with the brown look. Debbie was OK with that, but then she pointed out that weeds would spoil the uniform deadness. Hmmm. 

I had a brainstorm. What if they made Roundup™ in colors, and you could just roll it onto your dead lawn to kill weeds, while also re-introducing the green that we all want to have. You know, like this:

I admit it might need a tweak here and there. For example, Roundup™ is actually a herbicide, not a pre-emergent. Plus, finding big honking rollers might be a challenge. But I'm just the idea guy; you mooks can come up with the implementation. My work here is done.

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