eta Aquarid Meteor Shower (more or less)

Since my pal Wallace was too lazy to get up this morning to take photos of the eta Aquarid (translation: flaming rocks falling on your noggin) meteor shower, I stepped up to the plate and captured the astronomically amazing event for the sake of posterity.

OK, so I didn't have a camera, and I was pretty much asleep at 5:00 a.m., but other than that, I think the following captures the essence of this amazing astronomical event. The carefully researched scientific annotations are designed to help you understand the magnitude and societal implications of this eventful astronomical amazement.

Next up: some eclipse or something.

Artist Rendering


Got a good chuckle from both this entry and the previous one. Love a healthy dose of sarcasm with my morning(ish) coffee.

I can't believe you're still putting your artwork up without a watermark or anything! When one of these shows up in the Smithsonian with someone else's name on it, don't say I didn't warn you.

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