West Texas from Above: Part 6

Photo of warning signCartographically crafty Gazette readers Jon Wheeler, Joe Lee, and Chuck Rubins all correctly identified photo numero cinco as the famed Odessa Meteor Crater, renowned across the galaxy as, well, a semi-big hole in the ground. Some say it's proof that we Earthlings aren't the only ones who have problems texting and driving. Plus, it has snakes, or at least signs alerting one to the possibility of snakes. Or, this could actually be code for "watch out for alien life forms that might have hitched a ride on a big chunk of rock crashing into our planet." Your guess is as good as mine, but I advised heeding the sign on either account. Seriously, though, it's a registered national natural landmark, so no giggling.


Well, I didn't think anyone - let alone three people - would recognize that location, so I have no idea how challenging this next one will be. The only hint I'll give is that you don't have to be from the Midland-Odessa area to know what it is.

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Viewed from 15,000'


It's hot...
Let's go swimming in the natural spring pool!

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