Newsflash: Local Wildlife Gets Wilder

The local raccoon population has apparently spread the word that my sardine-baited trap is to be ignored. For the past several nights, the bait has gone untouched and the trap unsprung. Photographic evidence of raccoon inspectors makes this all the more frustrating.

That's not to say that the setup hasn't attracted other, more exotic animals. A few nights ago, one of the local foxes actually made its way into the trap and escaped with the bait. To be honest, though, foxes are pretty ordinary compared to some of the other visitors. 

Last night was a great example. Here's what the game camera captured during a brief 10-minute period.

Sadly, I was unable to actually trap any of these creatures, which will likely cause the more skeptical readers to doubt the veracity of these photos. I blame the current Fake News phenomenon for causing otherwise perceptive people to disbelieve concrete visual evidence.


Great night camera work. I have a suggestion:
- better quit putting out the Jurassic pork; attracting the wrong kind of varmints; stick with sardines

Good to know POTUS can recognize your trap. You must not be a Democrat or a Russian. Of course, you might have caught a Secret Service agent checking things out in advance. Perhaps your fox was really working for the government. That's why the sardines were removed... keep the president from crawling in there himself. Your only other option is to build a wall... (around the cage).

Keep up with the good, clever posts. You may be a master of photoshop. That's how you got a black and white of the muppet. I know you didn't have to touch up the T-Rex because there were no color cameras back then.

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