Here's what I'm doing on Instagram...

Art installation - San Antonio Museum of Art
Art installation - San Antonio Museum of Art
(heavily Photoshopped)

I try to post a new image to Instagram every morning. I'm not 100% successful because I'm lazy, but I don't miss too many days, because I enjoy the discipline of creating and sharing those pictures, when I'm not feeling lazy. I also like Instagram because it's the one social medium that is [mostly] immune to inflammatory rhetoric.

Note: If you already follow me in Instagram, you can skip the rest of this post. Unless you're just here for the mesmerizing mellifluence of my which case you can also skip this post.

Everything I post is based on my own photography, and mostly nature-related, although a lot of it will be unrecognizable because part of the fun is enhancing/modifying/mangling/ruining a picture via Photoshop. So, don't believe everything you see...but everything you see has at least a smidgen of truth in it. What you won't see is a lot of family or vacation photos, or selfies, or pictures of my food. There's nothing wrong with those things, and I enjoy seeing them on other accounts (for the most part), but I stumble to the bleat of a different bagpiper.

If you have an IG account and want to follow me, click here or on the camera-looking icon on the right side of this page. But if you're not on Instagram, here's what I've posted lately. Click on any thumbnail to see a full-sized version.

Tail feathers of a cedar waxwing, Horseshoe Bay, Texas Coy bunny Canal flowing from Comanche Springs, Fort Stockton, Texas Crawfish in Comanche Springs canal, Fort Stockton, Texas Teen zombie love in the nuclear apocalypse Mexican dove, Midland, Texas Mexican dove family, Midland, Texas Dream neighborhood Drone's eye view of the full moon, Horseshoe Bay, Texas Gnarled tree, Horseshoe Creek, Horseshoe Bay, Texas Gunsmoke Forest, Maui, Hawaii Last days of Atlantis View of Molokini from Wailea, Maui, Hawaii Pecan Creek, Horseshoe Bay, Texas Trees along Horseshoe Creek, Horseshoe Bay, Texas Nexuses Burrowing owl #1, Midland, Texas Burrowing owl #2, Midland, Texas Burrowing owl #3, Midland, Texas Paddleboarding, Lake LBJ, Horseshoe Bay, Texas Painted sky, Horseshoe Bay, Texas Rat Race Rock squirrels, Horseshoe Bay, Texas Sunset, Horseshoe Bay, Texas Rough Green Snake, Fredericksburg, Texas Watch your step Beach, South Padre Island, Texas Relaxing squirrel, Midland, Texas Lightning at sunset, Midland, Texas Total eclipse of the salad Wild turkeys, Fort Stockton, Texas Turtle, up close and personal Vincent Black Shadow, San Diego, California Wailea, Maui, Hawaii Walk to the light

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