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I posted this to my Facebook page yesterday, but I realize that not everybody comes here via that accursed popular medium.

An invitation to Ask Me Anything

Y'all are probably getting tired of all the nature-related articles on the Gazette so I'm going to try something different: AMA. All the really cool people are doing this nowadays, but I don't care -- I'm going to do it, too: Ask Me Anything. Just post a question in the comments and as long as it doesn't involve my social security or credit card numbers, or my preferences in Greek yogurt, I'll consider answering it in an upcoming blog post.
If nobody has a question, I'll have to ask myself questions, and do you really want to see something like that?

Leave a comment. It makes us happy, and you can do it anonymously if you wish. We do review all comments before they're published, so it may take awhile before yours shows up. Don't take it personally, unless you're a spammer...then it really IS personal when we block you.

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